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Do you have any antique old furniture which needs restoration and face lifting? Do you possess any furniture which is covered with nostalgia and memories of your parents? Do you want to convert some furniture into some other use?

We at HOMEMAKER are qualified and trained to restore and convert your old antique wood furniture into the original condition. We can convert your unused furniture or rather any furniture of one use to any furniture of some other use. We have very skilled designers, carpenters, polishers to do the miracle.

The lists of the service which one might get from us are listed in the Annexure–A, ‘Scope of Services’.

Scope of Services                                                           Annexure–A

  1. Visiting site in reference and take pictures of the furniture.
  2. We do the delicate studies to know the original form of the item.
  3. We do the drawing in software as well as manually to create the original look
  4. Working drawing for the proposed restoration planning
  5. We discuss the plans with the client because originality does matters.
  6. Preparing Budget and cost of the restoration work.
  7. On getting approval, we shall perform the work of restoration.
  8. Time limit for restoration work can only be committed after planning.


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