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Interior Design Door Step Services

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Who might not like a good looking residences and offices and if that becomes available at door step. It is very difficult to keep a co-ordination with a very busy interior designer who has many commitments and probably becomes tough even for him or her to find time for a comparatively low magnitude work.

We at HOMEMAKER are trying to bridge the communication gap between the client and the designer and solve every inquiry by appointing qualified personnel between them. All services shall be available at door step once you opt for our service. You shall be able to see drawings, interior design views, and select materials sitting in comfort zone of your drawing room.

The lists of the service which one might get from us are listed in the Annexure–A, ‘Scope of Services’. The cost for services is listed in Annexure-B, ‘Cost of Services’.

Scope of Services                                                          

  1. Visiting site in reference and survey
  2. Planning and design of the interiors of the site in reference
  3. Working drawing for the proposed planning
  4. Preparing Budget and specification of the materials
  5. Quantity list of the materials
  6. Tentative labor cost
  7. Preparing 3D views for spaces

Cost of Services                                                          

  1. Cost for items from 1 to 6 mentioned above is Rs.25.00 per sq. ft. of the built up area.
  2. Cost for preparing 3D views covering two walls in one view is Rs.3000.00 per sheet.